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Anyone who is facing bankruptcy, liquidation or sequestration has come to the right place for assistance with a business rescue and/or the services of a reputable Insolvency Practitioner. The South African Restructuring & Insolvency Practitioners Association (SARIPA) is a non-profit organisation with a membership of approximately 440 qualified Insolvency Practitioners, Business Rescue Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers & Tax Consultants. This site contains sections that are geared to SARIPA Members, as well as to anyone interested in joining SARIPA.
Goodbye AIPSA... Hello SARIPA!

This association changed its name from AIPSA (Association of Insolvency Practitioners of Southern Africa) to SARIPA (South African Restructuring & Insolvency Practitioners Association) on 1st July 2012.

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Save the Date for SARIPA's 2014 Conference

End the year on a high note and diarise now to attend the SARIPA 6th Annual Conference on Restructuring and Insolvencies, at the newly revamped Lagoon Beach Hotel on the 20th & 21st of November 2014.

We promise you another fabulous Conference with a host of new ideas and content, featuring both local and international top speakers. Watch this space for further details…



Insolvency law is challenging, vibrant and, in today’s economic climate, more relevant than ever.

This programme, presented by the University of Johannesburg,  introduces the scope, underlying principles and application of insolvency law to students.

The programme will be directed by Prof Juanitta Calitz (University of Johannesburg) and Mr Selwyn Trakman (Insolvency Practitioner), as well as outside experts in practice, including some of South Africa's leading insolvency practitioners, attorneys and academics.

Lectures take place on Wednesday evenings from 18:00-20:00 (10 lectures per semester) with two written exams scheduled for the end of November.

Programme fee: R9,535.00. All fees include the prescribed notes. Applications will be accepted until 30 May 2014.

More information can be obtained directly from Kay Naidoo at the Faculty of Law, University of Johannesburg:
Tel: 011 559-3631


This is a one year course presented by the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria. It starts on 18 February 2014 and concludes with two written examinations late November and December 2014.

Registration will be open until 1 May 2014. Recorded lectures on DVD will be provided to delegates who have registered for the correspondence course.

The course is practice-orientated and is aimed at persons involved in the administration of insolvent estates. The notes, which are updated annually, have been written by experts in practice and concentrate on the practical aspects of the administration of insolvent estates.

The course fees are R8,600.00 for the correspondence course and R8,950.00 for the class attendance course with lectures. All fees include the prescribed notes (in English) and course DVDs.

For any administrative enquiries please contact Penelopie van der Westhuizen at the University of Pretoria direct on: 
Tel: 012 434 2500
Fax: 012 434 2505


Meet the SARIPA Board Members:

Juanito Damons
  Deputy Chairperson
Allan Pellow
Trevor Glaum
  Eastern Cape
Cliffie Louw
Pierre Berrangé
  Northern Region
Gideon Bochedi
  Western Cape
Danie Acker
  Bessie Bester
Hans Klopper   Jurgens Steenkamp   Haroon Laher   Juanitta Calitz


We salute our AIPSA/SARIPA Chairmen, past and present:

  • Henry Gunn
  • David Rennie
  • Les Cohen
  • Laurie Pereira
  • Mark Lynne
  • Bessie Bester
  • Juanito Damons, 2005+
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