About Us

Who and What is SARIPA?

SARIPA is a Non-Profit Association that was originally formed to achieve professionalism in the insolvency profession in South Africa. Since its incorporation 31 years ago, its membership has grown to over 650 members, and in 2018 it attained accreditation as the professional regulatory body for Insolvency Practitioners and Business Rescue Practitioners. Consisting of insolvency and business rescue practitioners, attorneys, chartered accountants, tax consultants, academics and individuals predominantly in the financial lending sector, who are exposed to the liquidation, insolvency and restructuring industry.

SARIPA is also a member organisation of INSOL International, the global insolvency organisation with a membership of more than 44 international insolvency organisations with over 10,000 professionals participating as members in over 90 countries. We are very proud to say that the current President of INSOL International, Mr Adam Harris, is a SARIPA member. SARIPA also holds another board position through a nominated Director, as SARIPA now ranks seventh in the INSOL top 10. INSOL have been involved in numerous projects in developing countries to assist in the establishment of internationally acceptable insolvency regimes.

SARIPA is actively involved in education programmes and in fact developed the SARIPA Certificate which is presented by the University of Pretoria. SARIPA also holds regular regional workshops and an annual national conference to keep members and stakeholders abreast of new case law and changing legislation.

SARIPA has come a long way in opening the channels of communication with government and has been instrumental in giving input into policy guidelines and new legislation. SARIPA is also currently involved with Government in establishing a framework for statutory regulation. In this regard, SARIPA would like to see such regulation imposing that all practitioners must belong to a statutorily regulated body, thereby giving the public at large confidence in the practitioners who are ultimately appointed by the Master of the High Court.

SARIPA's vision is a commitment to its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and thereby improving the face of the industry for the benefit of all its members, creditors and stakeholders.

Our Mission

To create a transparent environment in which our members irrespective of race, creed or gender, can practice their profession in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, so as to provide an effective, professional service to all stakeholders by skilled, independent practitioners with the highest integrity and being mindful of:

  • community interests
  • the Constitutional Rights of individuals
  • and a sustainable economy