SARIPA Chairperson's Message

20 August 2021

Dear Members,

I hope that this message finds you, your families and your colleagues safe and healthy.

It is difficult to fathom, but here we are in August already, with the last few months of the year upon us. 2021 has been a most difficult year. Ongoing Covid concerns remain at the forefront of discussion in our media, both in South Africa and across the world. In South Africa, it does appear that our vaccination programme is up and running and is being rolled out across the country which hopefully will get us to some form of normality by the end of the year. The civil unrest in July was most unfortunate and certainly set our country and economy back, the disruptions caused many businesses to close their doors permanently. Hopefully, certain of these businesses can be rebuilt to continue trading into the future.

We remain very busy at SARIPA dealing with various projects including the continued rollout of our very well attended Webinars, ongoing engagement with the banks on our Lender Forum; developing a bespoke mentorship programme (shortly to be launched), and the development of our joint INSOL International /SARIPA course (due to be launched in January 2022). Ongoing liaison with the Regulators such as SARS, CIPC, and the Master’s Office continues. Our admin office continues to provide you with information and feedback relevant to your practice. The website is constantly updated and provides great content and recordings of previous webinars and training videos.

The Technical Committee is hard at work in preparing for our annual conference due to be held on 11 November. Although we would have really liked to have had a face-to-face conference, it simply will not be possible due to the ongoing constraints of the pandemic. However, as always, we will be bringing you a very high-level cutting-edge conference and our members will certainly not be disappointed. Please make sure that you have blocked out the day on 11 November, we will kick off at 8h30 am and will run the conference until 15h30 pm. Registration and programme details for the conference will shortly become available to you so make sure you register for the conference when the time comes. Please note that numbers for the conference are limited and that attendance will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Very importantly, 2021 is an election year for SARIPA. In terms of our MOI, members are entitled and are encouraged to stand for Board positions. Nomination forms will be circulated, and the Board members will be announced at the AGM due to take place on Thursday 5 November 2021.

The Board will be made up of 12 directors - 8 National Directors (elected by all members) and 4 Regional Directors (elected by each region to sit on the National Board). National board members will hold office for 3 years and Regional Directors will hold office for a period of one year.

As provided for in our MOI, we will timeously send out nomination forms for those members who wish to nominate members to stand for a board position on the national board. Please note that before nominations are sent in, the member must confirm to us that they are willing and able to stand for election.

Serving on the board is a privilege as we are the most relevant restructuring, rescue and insolvency organisation in South Africa and we are committed to continue developing the knowledge base of all our members by offering high-level educational content that will grow each member, their respective organisations, and practices.

Our membership is growing year on year and we currently stand at well over 650 members. As the 5th largest member organisation of INSOL International, we have exciting and rewarding years ahead of us.

Lastly, as we head into the final few months of 2021, as Chairperson of this dynamic organisation, I want to thank my Vice-Chairperson Haroon Laher, our COO Rene Bekker and all of my fellow board members for their ongoing support, guidance, enthusiasm and energy in continuing to drive the organisation forward and towards 2022. Thanks also to Angela Bailey and Wiida Hamman who continue to provide invaluable support to the board and the organisation.

Warm regards

Dr Eric Levenstein (SARIPA Chairperson)


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