AFSA SARIPA Business Rescue Division Launch

28 October 2023

The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA) and SARIPA have pooled resources to provide an expedited dispute resolution process.

The new AFSA SARIPA Business Rescue Division has been established to offer an arbitration process which is administered by a neutral professional and helpful authority which takes responsibility for the proper working of the dispute resolution process from the moment the dispute emerges and is referred for resolution. This process removes the burden from the shoulders of the claimants and business rescue practitioners and provides an expedited dispute resolution process moving along a well-designed path under proper supervision.

Business rescue is a vital lifeline in the support of commercial activity and ongoing unresolved disputes can cripple business rescue. Business rescue practitioners, with the support of creditors, have been opting for arbitration as a quicker more effective way of resolving disputes than can be achieved through litigation and more and more business rescue plans are incorporating arbitration as the dispute resolution mechanism.

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