SARIPA Chairperson's Message

18 May 2020

Dear SARIPA Members

We are very much alive to the fact that this pandemic has not only been stressful in your personal lives but has had an enormous adverse impact on your ability to earn a livelihood. In the lockdown period, SARIPA has continued to provide all members with updates on matters affecting practice. These have included case law updates, the publication of important regulations affecting both the Masters Office and CIPC and have also provided several practice notes in that regard.

We remind all members that all of this material is available on under the heading Resources.

Importantly, we addressed correspondence on 15 April 2020, to the Acting Chief Master, Ms. T Bezuidenhout, setting out practical suggestions on the way forward during the lockdown.

Our submissions to CoGTA followed shortly thereafter and on Friday morning last week, I sent a follow up letter to Ms. Bezuidenhout, setting out our concerns regarding the content of her Protocols of 2 May 2020. A copy of such letter is annexed.

The Acting Chief Master has confirmed that she is considering our letter and will respond shortly. Amendments to the Masters Protocols are being drafted in the interim. The Acting Chief Master has also advised as follows-

"Please could I take the opportunity to request that you inform your members that they should only be sending matters to the offices as per our protocols for level 4. Offices are complaining that their emails are being clogged by requests for bond reductions et cetera which we are not now attending to.

May I also ask your input in respect of offices that still apply the 48 - hour rule to lodge requisitions as it seems some creditors cannot comply within this time frame."

 Members are requested to please provide Angela This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Wiida This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your input regarding the 48-hour rule.

In the meanwhile, stay fit, stay healthy and stay safe.

Warm regards,
Dr Eric Levenstein
(SARIPA Chairperson)

  SARIPA letter to Acting Chief Master regarding Proposed Protocols (14 May 2020)